A Powerful Orator

A powerful orator, with very good command over Urdu language, Mulla M.M. Jaffer was at his best in rendering sermons of Hazrat Ali in Arabic in strong melodious voice and effectively translating them in refined Urdu. He was also known for his enthusiasm in azadari. At the Huseini Night School, teaching of Fiqh and the Islamic history were his speciality. Tuesday nights were devoted to open lecture/discussion class for the senior students who he conducted in which he mostly dwelt on current topical issues. He was known to be a forthright and outspoken person. On matters of fiqh and religious principles, he would unhesitatingly take a firm public stand. At one stage, he also served as President of the Bostani Jamaat, Mombasa.

That Mulla Asgher inherited some of the traits of his father is understandable. Like father like son. Mulla Asgher also followed the footsteps of his father, his grandfather and his maternal grandfather in actively pursuing the development of Islamic education for our progeny.