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Course on Akhlaqiyyat

Discussing Akhlaq, Mulla Asghar holds a 3 session course, from 21st - 24th July 1987, whereby he explains the science of Akhlaq. This course is geared towards the teachers of Akhlaq, emphasising that they know what they are teaching. Akhlaq is a total science, independent in itself.

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A series of Friday lectures that discuss the veil of 'Self Importance' and removing this as well as a discussion on Imam Mahdi (ATFS)

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The Islamic View

The Islamic World View is extremely important for us to understand. In this series of lectures, Mulla Asghar begins my explaining what Islam is and the Set of Laws that have been brought to us through the Holy Prophet (S) and the A'immah. He then speaks of society today; our trials and tribulations, and the Ummah of Islam.

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Joy & Pleasure

The history of the thinkers and philosophers in the West have often looked at this world with hopelessness; leading them to preach about cynicism or of those things that lead mankind to denounce the pleasures of this world. Does Islam lead to a cheerless life? 

In these lectures, Mulla Asghar explains the Joy and Pleasure presented in the religion of Islam

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Importance of Salaat

The series presented by Mulla Asghar in Stanmore (1991) cover the importance of our daily prayer which has been made Wajib for us. What status does Salaat and the Du'as we recite, hold?

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Wilaadat in Sha'ban

During the auspicious month of Sha'ban, we are fortunate to celebrate the Wilaadat of 3 special personalities; Imam Husayn (A), Hazrat Abbas (A), and Imam Zainul Abideen (A). Here, Mulla Asghar takes the opportunity to explain each of these personalities on the eve dedicated to their birth.

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