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After the death of the Holy Prophet (S)

After reviewing the life of the Holy Prophet (S) we see that there were many who had different expectations of how life would be after the passing away of the Holy Prophet (S). Though the Khilafat was rightfully that of Imam Ali (A), there were some who did not allow for him to rule and be the Caliph. How has History and circumstances shaped Islam today, and why is it, that now more than ever, we need to be firm in our belief, and know the answers to questions that arise time and time again?

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Islamic Laws: Business (Babut Tijarah)

In a series of Gujrati Fajr Lectures in 1989, Mulla Asghar discusses the laws of Business transactions and dealings. Here he talks of what is Halaal in Business, and that which is Haraam in Business, amongst many other laws, including the rights of those you are doing business with.

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Laws of Inheritance

In his 1991 series, Mulla Asghar focused on the Laws of Inheritence on Saturday mornings after Fajr. These lectures are in Gujrati, and discuss the execution of a Will, as well as the circumstances surrounding inheritance

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History: 11th Imam & 12th Imam

In 1992, Mulla Asghar conducted a series of Fajr lectures on Saturdays and Sundays. He spent time focusing on Masa'el on Saturdays, and Islamic History and the Development of the Ummah on Sundays.

Here below are a series of Sunday lectures where he discusses the last few years of the life of the 11th Imam (A), and then the life of our living Imam, the 12th Imam (ATFS)

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Mustahab & Sunnat Amaals

In a Series of Gujrati Fajr Lectures, Mulla Asghar discusses different Mustahabat and their benefits. Why has Allah (SWT) blessed us with abundant opportunities to worship Him?

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