Love for the Community

All through his life it was this audacious approach which made Mulla Asgher brine into fruition many projects worldwide. Once he was convinced that the cause was worthy and he had been able to elicit initial support from the Community, he would go ahead and plunge in with a commitment. Convinced that divine help would ultimately be forthcoming for a just cause, at the same time he had much respect and confidence in the generosity of the Community members. There are numerous examples in his life when he proudly exalted the virtue of the philanthropic nature and the generosity of the Community members for which he felt so proud.

Mohsin Jaffer recalls that a leading Irani Alim from Mashad once told him that they admired the spirit of the Khoja Community when it came to their spirit religious zeal and public charity. While there are many tremendously rich Irani nationals who often contribute handsomely to given causes, a unique feature which this venerable Alim had noticed of the Khoja community was that they were driven by religious zeal. The Khoja community did not rely only on traditional select few rich individuals for donations. "Your Community has developed a culture of paying 'huquq' and donations to worthy causes. Unlike in other communities, a broad cross section of your community members, rich and poor join hands to contribute regularly according to their capacity. This is unique." It is probably in recognition to this generous spirit of the Community members that Mulla Asgher often used to proudly proclaim: "If you disagree with me criticize me as a person. Do not undermine my Community." It is however sad to note some times that some idle-do-gooders from among the Community members with nothing constructive to contribute to the society, while away their time preoccupied in one common denominator; community bashing. Some tend to derive almost sadistic pleasure as a result! The English saying: "you do not have to cut your nose to spite your own face" rings true!