World Federation

In 1976 when the World Federation came into being, few community members living in Africa, Europe and the Americas knew much, if at all anything, about the condition of their compatriots in the sub-continent of India and Pakistan.

Mulla Asgher, first as President of the Africa Federation and later as President of the World Federation, re-established links with the sub-continent. He personally traveled through India in the Maharashtra Province, Gujarat, Kutch and Kathiawad. Hyderabad, Bihar and also to the northern most parts of Pakistan where the highly backward and neglected followers of the Shia faith lived. As a result of his initiative, some awakening was brought about in the sub-continent. The dispersed communities Khoja Shia lthna- Asheri communities scattered in Gujarat were united under the banner of The Gujarat Federation. Later on, it led to the formation of The Kutch Federation and development projects took off in an orhabised pattern.

Today, the lthna Asheri Community living outside the sub-continent of India has found its "Roots" and the problems of the Community in the sub-continent have become an important feature in the activities of the World Federation.

What was the state of the Community in India until recently? How links were established with the sub-continent? What led to the formation of the World Federation?

Today a small Community of barely over 100,000 spread out from the Western shores of the Pacific to Hong Kong and the Australia in the east, that at one stage risked losing its identity has since emerged as an organized and united community working together to renew links with each other and extend co-operation to other communities in the spirit of Islamic brotherhood, friends and relations, who were otherwise lost to each other have rediscovered common identity and renewed old links for the better future of their progeny.